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Honey & Daisy Baby

Moon & Stars Wooden Balance Blocks

Moon & Stars Wooden Balance Blocks

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The 9-piece stacking blocks of this series are made of silica gel and high grade natural wood, allowing children to exercise their hands-on ability and the ability to recognize things.

The shapes have round corners and a smooth surface so it is safe for teething babies to bite.

The shapes help your little ones improve their concentration and recognition skills.

Montessori toys

Toys that are considered Montessori ignite your child's curiosity through repetition and purpose, and by reflecting their daily experience.

How to play?

You can sit with your child and initiate by placing the big moon shaped piece vertically.

Then start balancing another piece on top it.

Hand over another piece to your child to do the same.


High Grade Natural Wood


Please see image for sizing information.

Care Instructions

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